Advocacy Empowerment Prevention

About FRIENDS, Inc.

FRIENDS, Inc., formerly Friends of Abused Families Inc. and originally named Friends for Battered Women, is the sole provider of shelter and support services for individuals affected by Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault in Washington County.

Our Mission

To empower those affected by Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault by offering safety, support, and community awareness.

Our Vision

We envision a socially just community where all voices are heard, where all gender identities are made to feel safe, and where all acts of Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, and oppression are neither accepted nor tolerated.

Support Our Mission

When individuals come together in support of a shared goal, the community becomes empowered and the success of collective action is elevated. We want your voice to be heard and your ideas to make a difference, so join our cause and help make a positive impact.

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