24/7 Crisis & Help Line

We offer a 24-hour Crisis Line where Trauma Informed Staff are available to provide immediate support and help plan for safety.

Our dedicated staff will help you identify the signs of Domestic Violence and/or Sexual Violence, develop a safety plan, and identify next steps for crisis resolution. FRIENDS, Inc. has a “We start by believing” approach and a “Meet you where you’re at” approach.

Additional, community resources and advocacy can be given and administered to those in need.

Our Crisis Line is for anyone experiencing Domestic Violence and Sexual Violence, but it also serves as a Help Line for secondary survivors of abuse and community partners.

Secondary survivors are individuals who have been affected by being in close proximity to people who are experiencing or have experience Domestic Violence and Sexual Violence, such as children, family members and friends.

FRIENDS, Inc. provides trauma informed care and victim centered services. If you are experiencing or have experienced Domestic Violence or Sexual Violence and need support, please give us a call.

All services are confidential and free of charge. Call 262-334-7298.